The President’s Challenge

The final competition of the year was the Pesident’s Challenge, held on 31st May.  For the challenge, all images must be processed In-Camera, with editing restricted to cropping and sizing.  This year the subject was Red, White and Blue. Voting was performed on the night by the club members.

Congratulations to Carol Watson, whose image ‘In The Style of Bridget Riley’ placed first, also to Graham Barker whose ‘The Orbit’ placed second and Anthony Hull who came third with ‘Casual Red White and Blue’.

The booby prize went to Eric Craven, who seemed not to understand the rules, and whose claim that sheep really do come in red and blue colours was rejected.

Winning Image

In The Style Of Bridget Riley by Carol Watson 

First I generated an image of the red, white and blue wavy lines in Photoshop. I then displayed this image on a TV, balanced a vase on top of a glass and took the shot. No post processing was involved other than a slight crop.  As for the title, Bridget Riley is an English painter who from the 1960’s onwards has been one of the foremost exponents of optical art (a style of art that uses optical illusions). Google her work and you will find lots of wavy lines!


The President’s Challenge – Red, White And Blue

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