1st Open Digital Competition

The 1st Open Digital competition of the season was held on Thursday 18th October and was judged by Phil Garlington, a professional photographer with 40 years of experience.  It was interesting to obtain a perspective on what makes a good photograph from a professional photographer as compared to most judges who come from a club photography background.  Phil particularly liked images with a story to tell.

Featured Image

The featured image for the first Open Digital Competition is Berlin Wall Museum Message by Pat Davies, which was the top scoring image in the Intermediate Group.

Berlin Wall Museum Message by Pat Davies

I am not normally one for Museums, but having gone to Berlin during one of the coldest January’s on record the Museum provided a welcome escape from the bitter cold and snow! Having viewed the harrowing images and films on display, showing the killing, torture and humiliation of people that occurred during and after the Second World War around the Berlin Wall, I began to photograph the Museum and especially the visitors whose faces showed disgust and sadness.  My first images were of people sat below the iconic image of the Berlin Wall being demolished by the demonstrators in 1989. As I moved around the Museum I came across a table where visitors could write ‘messages of peace’.  These were placed in clear plastic files and clipped to what were suppose to be white doves which were hung as if floating in the air.  One message stood out to me and I felt I had to try and picture this with the Museum as the background.  My initial image showing the visitors sat in front of the wall image was cropped and the message was enhanced in order to make it easier to read and remove reflections.  The writing below the ‘stick men and women’ was difficult to read on the original so I inserted new text saying the same message.  I wasn’t sure if this image was good enough to enter and it sat in my computer for nearly two years but I kept coming back to it.  I knew a Judge would either love it or hate it.  Perhaps I was lucky that this particular Judge liked it.  It goes to show that even if you are not sure of an image, others may like it, so it is worth giving it a go !

1st Open PDI Competition – Top Scoring Images

Phil did not award any image 20 points, but gave marks of 18 and 19 to a small number of images:-


1st Open Digital Competition – Image Gallery

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