2018 L&CPU Novice Cup

The L&CPU Novice Cup was held as part of the L&CPU Big Day event on Sunday 14th October. The day itself consisted of a series of four talks by photographers who have recently achieved PAGB accreditation (CPAGB, DPAGB and MPAGB), with each photographer talking about their photographic journey and their portfolio submitted for their award.

The Novice Cup competition which was run in parallel with the talks is only open to Club Members who have no accreditation (eg BPE, PAGB awards), and is intended to encourage club members to participate in competitions external to their own club.

The overall competition was won by Stalybridge with an impressive score of 192.  LSAPS placed 15th equal in colour, 12th equal in mono and 14th overall out of 22 participating clubs.  The LSAPS images and scores are shown below. Congratulations to Phil Downie, whose On Call was the top scoring LSAPS image.

2018 L&CPU Novice Cup – LSAPS Scores