Competition Rules


  • This guidance applies to Open & Set Subject competitions. Other types of competition, such the President’s Challenge, have their own rules & members will be briefed at the relevant time.
  • You must own the copyright of every element of every image submitted (for example, it is not acceptable to download someone else’s image and use all or part of it in a composite you have created). For more information and guidance on acceptable use of images, see Christine Widdall’s article (L&CPU Committee member).
  • Members are allowed to submit up to two images into each Open PDI and Print competition.  For Set Subject competitions, each member may submit up to two PDI and/or two Print images. If new members miss the first Open PDI or Print competitions of the season, they may submit one additional image into each subsequent competition to ‘catch up’. This does not apply to Set Subjects.
  • Composite images are accepted in all competitions, except those designated ‘Nature’ competitions but, as explained above, authors must own all elements of every image used.

Frequency of use of images

One of LSAPS key aims is to encourage people to produce fresh images for competitions. There are therefore strictly enforced rules about how often the same image may be entered.

  • An image may be entered into one in-year club competition only. This applies even if an image has been substantially altered following its first submission.
  • In set subject competitions with both print and PDI sections, an image may be entered as either a print or a PDI but not both. Authors will therefore need to think carefully before making their choice of medium. In all other in-year competitions, images must be submitted in the requisite medium, as set out in the syllabus.
  • Two versions of the same image (e.g. colour and mono) may not be entered into the same competition.
  • A second, substantially altered version of an image may be entered into one club competition the following year, i.e. Open (year 1) used in Open (year 2), or Set Subject (year 1) used in Set Subject (year 2).
  • Modifying an image from colour to mono, or vice versa, is not considered as ‘substantially altered’.
  • An image used in an Open competition in one year may be used in a Set Subject competition in a subsequent year, and vice versa.
  • Images used in in-year competitions may be submitted for inclusion in Photoshow. Similarly, images entered in Photoshow but not in another competition may be entered in one club competition the following season.


  • Prints must be mounted (but not framed) at a standard 400x500mm. The print itself may be of any size within that standard mount.
  • Prints must be flush mounted on the back with no exposed adhesive tape. Print plus mount must be no more than 4mm deep.
  • You must identify your print on the back, in the top left hand corner, in the same manner as for PDIs, as described below (e.g. SP2_I_040_Picture Of People). Your name must not appear anywhere.
  • It is essential that a PDI copy of all prints (labelled/sized as described below) is also submitted to provide a record for the club’s image database and for display on the club website. Failure to provide this may result in the image being rejected. This is also a requirement for Photoshow entries.

Projected Digital Images (PDIs)

  • All entries must be in jpg/JPEG format, using sRGB colour space. The maximum image size dimensions should be either 1600 pixels wide or 1200 pixels high. There is no longer any need to fill the edges of the image to create the overall display dimensions of 1600 x 1200 pixels, as this is handled by the competition software.
  • Images should be named by competition code (OD, OP, SD, SP for Open Digital, Open Print, Set Subject Digital, Set Subject Print and the number of the competition for that season, followed by an underscore, followed by the Group (B, I or A) followed by an underscore, then membership number followed by another underscore, then the image title g. SP2_I_040_Picture Of People.jpg (i.e. image titled “Picture of People” entered by Intermediate member 040 in the 2nd Set Subject as a print).
  • Full guidance on sizing & submission of PDI images is available under the Members Information area of this web site >>here<<.