Photoshow 2020

Welcome to Photoshow 2020

Photoshow is put on each year by the Lytham St Annes Photographic Society and showcases almost 600 Print and Digital images produced by our club members. Unfortunately due to Covid-19 we were not able to hold a physical exhibition this year, however we are pleased to present Photoshow in an on-line format and it showcases just as many images as in previous years.

In normal years we have a large physical Print exhibition and also show a slideshow of ‘Projected Digital Images’ (PDIs).  To maintain the same number of images this year, we have replaced the Print section with digital images, so there are two sets of images – one for Digital Images and one for ‘digital versions’ of Print Images.

Photoshow is also a competition and awards were made across 5 categories – Mono, Nature, Open, People and Scapes.  The Print competition was judged by Janice Barton (CPAGB, BPE3*) of Warrington Photographic Society, whilst the Digital competition was judged by Erica Oram (CPAGB, AFIAP) of Sheffield Photographic Society. Each judge selected their 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed images and gave a number of Commended Awards in each category and they also selected their overall Best In Show image. All these Awarded Images are grouped together in the top two Award Galleries, whilst the full set of images are available to view by category in the Photoshow Galleries below.

Joining LSAPS

If you enjoy our Photoshow, and have an interest in photography at any level from Beginner to Experienced then why not join us.  Due to Covid-19 we are currently unable to meet physically, however we will be running a full season, starting with on-line Zoom meetings and competitions in September. Zoom technology has allowed us to complete our previous season and we had many excellent on-line guest speakers from as far afield as France and Tbilisi in Georgia.  For next season, we are offering a half price membership fee of just £25, so there is really nothing to loose.

Vote And Feedback

We would love to hear from you, so look out for the Vote & Feedback Button which appears at the top of each gallery page.  You can provide feedback on our Photoshow, vote for your favourite image, and request information on joining LSAPS if you wish.  Alternatively you can contact us using our Contact Page. 

The Award Galleries

Print Award Gallery
Awarded Prints
Digital Award Gallery
Awarded Digital

The Photoshow Galleries

Mono Print Gallery
Mono Prints
Mono Digital Gallery
Mono Digital
Nature Print Gallery
Nature Prints
Nature Digital Gallery
Nature Digital
Open Print Gallery
Open Prints
Open Digital Gallery
Open Digital
People Print Category
People Prints
People Digital Gallery
People Digital
Scapes Print Category
Scapes Prints
Scapes Digital Gallery
Scapes Digital