2024 L&CPU Annual Club Competition

Kestrel Eating A Mouse by Peter Darby

The annual L&CPU Club competition was held on the 2nd and 3rd of March. The PDI competition involves 24 images from each club – 16 in Open (Colour or Mono) and 8 in Nature, whilst the Print Competition again involves 24 images, but this time 8 in Open Colour, 8 in Mono and 8 in Nature. Each image is judged by 3 judges, awarding a maximum score 15pts. In the PDI competition, LSAPS came in 10th place out of 34 clubs, with a total score of 257pts, whilst in the Print competition, LSAPS placed 4th out of 19 clubs with a score of 286pts. Combining both scores together, LSAPS were in a very commendable 4th place. The PDI competition was won by Oldham, whilst Chorley won both the Print and the overall competitions.

In the PDI competition, LSAPS had 7 images that scored 12 or above by Gordon Watson, Anthony Hull, Carol Watson, Graham Barker, Bill Breckenridge and Mike Williamson, whilst in the Print Competition 16 images achieved this score, by Mike Williamson, Peter Darby, Mary Kirkby, Martin Christensen, Carol Watson, Gordon Watson, Bill Breckenridge, Brian Clark, Simon Ray and Stuart Cahill.

LSAPS Print Scores

LSAPS Print Images