2024 Dublin Inter-Club Competition

Someone Approaching By Carol Watson

The inter-Club competition against Dublin CC was held on Tuesday 30th April on Zoom, hosted by Dublin. The competition originated when one of the Dublin members was asked to judge our Photoshow 3 years ago, and consists of 25 images from each club, all by different members. The judge for the competition was Rory O’Connor (FIPF, AFIAP) from the Blarney Photography Club. Rory’s comments were very brief and he ran through the complete set of 50 images in just under 1 hour. Interestingly he did not award any image the top score of 20pts, and there were just two images scoring 19pts – one from each club.

The competition was close, however Dublin ended up as winners, scoring 415pts to LSAPS score of 408pts.

LSAPS Images and scores are shown below.

LSAPS Scores

LSAPS Images