Photoshow Uploader

This Uploader should be used for entering images into the Photoshow competition. Please read the Photoshow Competition Rules And Guidelines to ensure that your entries comply with the competition’s rules and regulations.

IMPORTANT – If you are entering Prints:-

  • A digital copy of each Print entry must be provided and have exactly the same Title as shown on the back of the Print entry. The digital copies are used to organise the exhibition entries and to create the Print labels, therefore the entry will not be accepted if the digital copy is missing or the print titles do not match one another.
  • NOTE: The Print, itself, must also be submitted before the competition hand-in closing date. The entry will not be accepted unless both the Print and its digital copy are in before entry closes.
  • A digital copy of a Triptych Print entry must be on one standard size jpeg file.

Image Preparation

  • Image files should be named with your image title (eg My Picture.jpg) – please do not add any other code.
  • Capitals may be used for the first letter of each word. Do not use all capitals,  and do not use any special characters.
  • Images should be a maximum of either 1600px wide and/or 1200px high. Larger images or significantly under-sized images will be rejected.
  • Please do not add black borders to pad out the image.
  • All images should be in sRGB colour space. If your image is not sRGB or if no colour space can be detected, you will receive a warning, but your image can still be loaded. If you receive a warning it is best to update the colour space to sRGB prior to completing the upload.

Upload Instructions

  • If entering both Print and Digital competitions, please load images to one Upload panel at a time, submit the first panel, then load and submit the other panel.
  • Please enter your 3 digit Member ID at the top of each panel. Select your image, then the category and priority order from the drop down options.
  • If your image includes children, please check the box to indicate you have permission for the image to appear on the LSAPS website and in Photoshow. If you do not have permission, you can still enter your image into the competition, but it may not be displayed on the website.
  • If you need to upload images for another member, you must login using their credentials to upload their images.
  • All images can be deleted/replaced up to the closing date/time of the Uploader. The only version of images entered into Photoshow will be those displaying as uploaded when the Uploader closes.

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