1st Set Subject Competition (2022/23) – Naturally Occurring Patterns

The 1st Set Subject Competition of the 2022/3 season was judged on 17th November by Ove Alexander (CPAGB, BPE1*) from Stockport Photographic Society. The subject was Naturally Occurring Patterns, and there was a wide interpretation of what this actually meant. There was also a large entry of 113 images, however Ove provide a short and clear critique of each image and completed his judgement in good time. He also used a wide range of scores as he thought it important to provide feedback on the relative position of all the images rather than grouping a large number on the same score.

The top scoring images are listed below. The featured image for this competition is Proud Peacock by Eddie Killick, which scored 20pts in the Print Competition.

1st Set Subject PDI – Image Gallery

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