2023 North Cheshire Challenge

Misty Start At Podere Belvedere by Gordon Watson

The North Cheshire Challenge was held on Saturday 3rd of June. This is an inter-club Knock-Out competition where each club enters 5 images. Half the images are knocked out at each round, until at round 5, with only a few images remaining the judge selects the overall winning image. Points are allocated for the round that an image was eliminated in, and the winning image receives 6 points. With only 5 images from each club, the standard was very high, but the judge Terry Donnelly did a great job of judging the competition and provided some excellent critique as he whittled down the images. Chorley and the Evolve Group shared the top spot, whilst Stephen Moon of High Peak had the top image of the night. LSAPS finished in a very commendable 4th place out of 27 clubs that entered, one better than last year. Congratulations to Gordon Watson, who’s Misty Start at Podere Belvedere made it all the way through to the final round.

LSAPS scores and images are shown below.

  • Full Stretch – Brian Clark (1)
  • A Clean Sweep – Mary Kirkby (2)
  • Blyth Beach – Sheila Giles (2)
  • Old Miser – Carol Watson (3)
  • Misty Start at Podere Belvedere – Gordon Watson (5)