L&CPU Individual Competition

The results from the L&CPU Individual Competition are now available, and LSAPS scored some notable successes.

In the Print section, Ken Ainscow scored 1st place in Mono with Duelling Scare, and 2nd place in colour with his Shire Horse Judges.  Carol Watson also received a Commended Award for Out Of The Mist.  LSAPS Members who had Print images retained for the L&CPU Folio, Exhibition or PAGB competition were Ken Ainscow (7), Carol Watson (6), Gordon Watson (2) and Sheila Giles (1) and Daryl Giles (1).


Duelling Scare by Ken Ainscow
Shire Horse Judges by Ken Ainscow
Out Of The Mist by Carol Watson

In the PDI section, Carol Watson achieved two Commended Awards for Mrs Magritte and Watchful.  LSAPS members who scored 12 and above (normal acceptance mark for exhibitions) were Geoff Smith (7), Grant Douse (5), Carol Watson (5) , Simon Ray (4), Gordon Watson (4), Ken Ainscow (4), Sheila Giles (3) and Daryl Giles (1).

Mrs Magritte by Carol Watson
Watchful by Carol Watson

In the Young Photographer competition, Jessica Cuff scored 15 for her image Ready For Fun.



Ready For Fun by Jessica Cuff