2018 Seaside Invitation

Heron With An Itch By Patricia Vice

The Seaside Invitation is an annual inter-club competition between LSAPS and Southport Photographic Society.  The competition consists of 20 Prints and 20 PDI’s, where each set must be produced by 20 different authors.  This year the competition was hosted by Southport on 10th December. and judged by Jane Lines.

After the Print competition, Southport were slightly ahead by 5 points, but pulled further ahead with a strong showing in the PDI competition.  Final scores were 695 points to Southport and 674 points to LSAPS.

Well done to Carol Watson, whose Bunch Of Sunflowers scored 20 points in the Print competition, and to Pat Vice whose Heron With An Itch scored 20 points in the PDI competition.