2019 L&CPU Knock-Out Competition

Hebridean Tranquility By Carol Watson

The 2019 L&CPU Knock-out competition was held on 16th November and was won by Warrington PS with a score of 20.  LSAPS scored 15 and placed a very creditable 6th equal out of 30 clubs, a notable improvement on last year.  In the competition, each club enters 5 images which are progressively eliminated in a series of 5 rounds until only a handful of images remain, from which the judge then chooses his favourite.  Scores are based on the round that each image reaches before being eliminated.  To encourage new work, all the images must be new to L&CPU competitions (ie not entered into any previous L&CPU Competition either Club or Individual).  The LSAPS scores and images are shown below – congratulations to Carol Watson, whose Hebridean Tranquility reached the 5th and final round.

LSAPS Results

Title Author Score
Hebridean Tranquility Carol Watson 5
Steam Punk In Scarlett Ken Ainscow 3
A New York Minute Gordon Watson 3
The Bearded Man Kuli Virdee 2
The Sass De Stria Graham Barker 2
Total 15


2019 L&CPU Knock-Out – LSAPS Images

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