3rd Open PDI Competition

The 3rd Open PDI competition was judged in a closed session by judge Gordon Bartley.  As we missed out on his assessments on the evening, he has very kindly supplied written feedback on each image in addition to the scores.  The scores and comments can be seen in the pdf documents below.  Alternatively the comments can be viewed by launching the slideshow from the image gallery, hover the mouse cursor over the title, and the comments should pop up.  To give yourself time to read the comments, it’s best to stop the slideshow and advance the images manually.


Beginners               Intermediate              Advanced

Featured Image

The featured image for this competition is The Citadel by Peter Parnell, which scored a maximum 20pts in the Intermediate Group.

The Citadel by Peter Parnell

3rd Open PDI – Top Scoring Images

3rd Open PDI – Image Gallery

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Hover with the mouse cursor over the title to see the judges comments.

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