1st Set Subject Competition (2020/21) – Work & Occupations

The 1st Set Subject competition on the subject Work and Occupations was held as an on-line Zoom session on 22nd October.  The competition was judged by Mike Barnard (LRPS ABPPA BPE2*) from the Focus Photographic Group in Bridlington.  He had reviewed all the entries beforehand and put together a slide presentation with the higher scoring images held back to the end. He made a number of comments about cropping images to concentrate on the essential elements and toning down distracting highlights.  For a candid subject like work, he mentioned several times that he would like the subject to be concentrating on their work rather than on the camera. His top scoring images are shown in the table below.  The featured image for this competition is Restoring Mosaics at Pompeii by Peter Darby.