The 2021 Seaside Invitation

The Seaside Invitation competition against Southport PS was held on Thursday 9th December, hosted by LSAPS. The competition was judged by Adrian Lines (MPAGB, AFBPE, AFIAP) who provided a number of feedback points such as cropping to either give space to the subject or cropping close to create some tension, and attention to small points of detail like highlights, distracting elements or slight halos around objects.

LSAPS were trailing slightly after the first Print round, but came out ahead after the PDI round, with a total score of 674pts against Southport’s 666pts.

Congratulations to Carol Watson whose Vestrahorn Reflections was the only LSAPS print to score 20pts, and to Bill Breckenridge, Kuli Virdee and Gordon Watson who all scored 20pts in the PDI competition.

Vestrahorn Reflection By Carol Watson

LSAPS Scores