Salford Quays Photo Walk

The Quays At Night by Mike Halstead

The walk took place on Saturday afternoon 15th January. A clear blue sky and bright sunshine greeted us as we arrived at Salford Quays, however there was a distinct chill in the air. We quickly set about the task of seeking out interesting images. There was little breeze, so we were able to capture some nice reflections in the water. Sunset, unfortunately, did not provide the glow in the sky we hoped for and so we took the opportunity to take a break.

After a quick visit to the Lowry Outlet Centre, to have a cup of tea and get warm, we resumed our walk as darkness, and the lights of the buildings and bridges, transformed the landscape. The challenge for the remainder of the evening was to select the appropriate exposure settings to produce pleasing images of the Quays at night.

At about 6pm we retraced our steps to the car park and made our way home. By now we’ll have viewed the images on our computers and evaluated with the results.

On a cold afternoon / evening in January it was a pleasure to get together and enjoy photography.

A selection of images from the day are shown below.

Mike Halstead