Oulton Park Photowalk

Oulton Park Photo Walk

Oulton Park provided an ideal backdrop to hone our skills capturing images of racing cars on a test day preceding the Easter race meeting. With very few spectators, other than a few fellow photographers, we explored the circuit looking for the best locations to capture a sense of motion in the speeding cars. The paddock was open which providing the opportunity to wander amongst the cars as they were prepared for the practice sessions. For some members it was the first time taking images of sports cars on a race track, for others it was an opportunity to apply lessons learnt from previous visits. The almost constant stream of cars on circuit gave plenty of opportunity to fill our memory cards. The occasional red flags, to recover cars from the circuit, gave an opportunity to view images on the back of our cameras. Now all we have to do is review the hundreds of images taken and process the chosen few. Happy days.

Mike Halstead