Fleetwood Wrecks Photowalk

LSAPS Photographers Outstanding In Their Field

The latest photo walk, to Fleetwood Wrecks, took place on Thursday evening 7th July. On arrival it was overcast but by the time we’d walked from Fleetwood Marsh Nature Park the clouds had parted to reveal the sun and patches of blue sky. The low evening sunlight really brought out the textures on the wrecks. We took the opportunity to experiment with close up shots as well as compositions showing the wrecks in the landscape. Having packed our camera bags a few of us made our way to the nearest pub for liquid refreshment before making our way home. I wouldn’t say it was a quiet end to the evening as the pub was having a quiz night, come bingo session, broadcast over all the speakers in the pub. However, we were able to chat in between rounds. I hope we experience similar warm and sunny weather conditions for the next photo Walk.