Garstang Photowalk – 4th August 2022

Emerging Into The Light by Stuart Cahill

We met up in High Street car park Garstang. Our band of 10 first set out to the flood defence barrier on the River Wyre. A splash in the river drew our attention to a group of lads jumping into the river on this warm, still evening.

We retraced our steps back to the car park and continued on the river bank to the Lancaster canal. A steep set of stairs lead up from the river to the canal and we headed past Garstang basin on the tow path towards the A6 main road near the Bellflower pub. The sun was going down in front of us giving a lovely orange glow in the sky which reflected on the water in the canal. On our way back to the cars we stopped off in Garstang for a drink and chat.