Delamere Forest Photo Walk

LSAPS Members at Delamere Forest

Delamere Forest Photo Walk – On Saturday 11th February, a few LSAPS photographers visited Delamere Forest in Cheshire. Having arrived for 10am we walked through the woodland heading off the main path to find the more photogenic pools of water. These peat pools contain very dark peaty water with decaying tree trucks poking out or laying across the water. It’s an unusual sight. For the majority of our visit the sky was overcast but, for a few fleeting moments the sun shone through gaps in the clouds and spread a beautiful warm glow across the landscape. It transformed the scene. If only we could have been blessed with this light for the whole of our visit. Fortunately, we were at a pools taking pictures during the few moments the light was at its best not walking between locations. We spend the last 20 minutes of our 4 hour visit relaxing over a drink before heading home to review the images, a selection of which are shown below.