LSAPS 75th Anniversary Dinner


The LSAPS Council

LSAPS 75th anniversary dinner was held on 23rd May at Lytham Hall and was a great success. The evening was organised by Janet Coulson, so at the start of the meal there was a small presentation of some flowers to Janet for her hard work.

There were some old photographs and memorabilia from the club’s history to look at before we enjoyed a couple of rounds of the traditional LSAPS sit-down bingo. We then started on the main event of the meal.

It was good to see our long distance member John Hagen (Scotland) also it was nice to see Julie England and past member Gloria. Thanks are also due to Paul and his team at Lytham Hall for the excellent food and service.

A few pictures from the evening are shown below. I am not sure we will see any of these in a future LSAPS competition, but they do serve as a record of the night.