L&CPU Individual Competition

Female Common Blue Damselfly by Carol Watson (Commended In Nature PDI)

The 2024 L&CPU Individual competition was judged on the weekend of 18th/19th May. Overall there were 963 Prints and 2248 digital images entered by 260 photographers. The LSAPS scores are available to view at the document below.

The scores are decided by three judges each scoring between 2 and 5 points, similar to an Exhibition. In general, a 2 indicates something wrong with an image, 3 is a competent image, but not good enough to be accepted. 4 is good enough to be accepted and 5 is good enough for an award. In an exhibition, an image is usually accepted if it scores 12 or above.

LSAPS submitted a large entry and had some significant successes, with 14 members achieving at least one image scoring above 12, plus 3 members with at least one  Commended image:-

In the overall Photographer Of The Year, Carol placed 5th equal, Gordon was 8th, Mary was 23rd, Sheila was 29th and Daryl 34th equal. The full standings for Print, PDI and Overall Photographer Of The Year are shown below.


LSAPS Individual Scores


Overall L&CPU Standings